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Two poems i wrote


even before your out of my sight, before you've even looked away -
before you drive back home, or i even close the door behind me
as soon as i've pulled back from hugging and kissing you goodnight.....
even before i reach my back door, the urge to run back to you and beg you not to let go holds to my heart......
and even though the dog warmly welcomes me home i feel it....
long before i rest my head on my pillow to drift into sleep.....
even before i have to let go, for no matter the time (period)
the paid is great and the longing bottomless,
the empty lonliness that ensues when your not around, when you aren't near me......
Before i can take even a single breath,
the pain is great and the anxiousness for your return simply grows and grows.....
But then luckily, before i even know it, I'll have you in my arms again.......



laying with you in blissful serenity
just trying to catch our breath
i enjoy basking in the feel of you laying on me
your head resting on my shoulder and  your arms holding me to you
as if i'd go anywhere if my other option is to be with you.
you feel like a dream.......
your sking soft and smooth over your strength,
feeling like such a comfort, even like a security blanket to me
you feel far sweeter than silk, and far cozier then velvet
you're more sensual then satin and more comforting then fleece
being here with you like this, is like heaven on  earth.....
I feel your arms snuggle around me and its as if i'm on cloud 9.
The feel of you, is quite simply, the best feeling in the world.

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