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i love vidding !

Hi all!

I am a really sappy/angsty person, and my main hobby is vidding :D which is making music vids for movies/shows to fitting songs, hehe. I've made, um, 16? so far... you can check them all out here at my site: .

Here's a summary of my vids to hopefully catch your curiousity :

"I Got You" Nick Carter for SpiderMan2
Peter thinks about how he & MJ aren't together but that theyre still friends, and how theyre meant to be more. (MJ/Peter/Harry)

"At the Beginning" Donna Lewis & Richard Marx for Anastasia
Anya & Dimitri have gone thru a lot with & without each other, but love brings them back together again. (Anya/Dimitri)

"Journey to the Past" Aaliyah for Anastasia
Anya has to go on an adventurous, crazy journey to find her true home, family, and also love. (Anya/Dimitri)

"Hero" Mariah Carey for Balto
When Nome suffers a sudden dipheria epidemic, Balto has to become a sled dog to transport the medicine to the storm-blocked town.

"Can't Get My Love Together" Jem & the Holograms for Anastasia
Anya, on the night of her coronation, is still torn over her feelings for Dimitri and makes a decision on her future. (Anya/Dimitri)

"Reach For the Light" Steve Winwood for Balto
When Nome suffers a sudden dipheria epidemic, Balto has to become a sled dog to transport the medicine to the storm-blocked town.

"Tell Him" Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand for Anastasia
After her grandma says that Dimitri didn't accept the reward, Anya wonders- should she just tell him how she feels? (Anya/Dimitri)

"You're Beginning to Get to Me" Clay Walker for Anastasia
Dimitri is reluctantly falling in love, head over heels (sometimes literally!) for Anya, as they adventure together. (Anya/Dimitri)

"You're My Better Half" Keith Urban for Alexander
Alexander considers his best friend Hephaestian his own equal, or rather, his better half. (Alexander/Hephaestian)

"I'm Too Sexy" Alvin Chipmunk for Emma Watson
Is little Miss Emma Watson growing up to be too pretty to play Hermione Granger? That's up to you to decide :D LoL!

"Feel the Rain" DreamStreet for Godzilla'98
Audrey regrets ever leaving Nick, but theyre oddly reunited when NYC becomes home to a certain creature. (Nick/Audrey)

"Come Clean" Hilary Duff for Twister'96
Joe still has issues over losing her father long ago, hence her obsession with storm-chasing, interfering with her love... (Joe/Bill)

"Harder to Breathe" Maroon5 for X2
John struggles with releasing his inner pyro, and losing his two best friends in the process. (John/Bobby/Rogue)

"Climbing the Walls" Backstreet Boys for SpiderMan1
Peter never tells MJ how he truly feels, and in the end, he forces himself to reject her for her own safety. (Peter/MJ/Harry)

"Incomplete" Backstreet Boys for SpiderMan2
Peter realizes he isn't complete without MJ; he has to choose responsibility or love; she makes the choice for him. (MJ/Peter/Harry)

"Open Your Eyes to Love" LMNT for LiZZiE McGUiRE movie
Gordo wishes Lizzie would just realize what has been right there all along- he cares about her as more than a friend. (Gordo/Lizzie)

Complete vid details in their boxes at my page :D

Enjoy, and please review!! Feedback is the only reward/payment of appreciation that a vidder can really recieve, so if you could spare some time to see one or more of my vids, please, please pretty please :D spend some more time clicking the review button under their summaries too! Thanks so much!



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