SimbiAni (simbiani82) wrote in sappystuff,

LT : "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)" by BSB

Fandom/Song/Artist: LAZYTOWN "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)" by BSB

Vidded by: SimbiAni Link to Site: (with links to FileFront & YouTube) Details: Footage from my official DVDs :: 3mins46seconds :: 21MB :: WMV :: Notes: Download directions AND lyrics at site ^-^ Will gladly upload any vid to any temp site of your choice if those listed don't work for you! Just comment :D

Summary: Stephanie has that special uniqueness that is just so inexplicably prettyful! :p Behind The Scenes: Sept2006: I've done it again. I've not slept, and have done yet another LT vid. But, by now, you already kno I'm not completely sane, hehe. So yea, I was going on a Backstreet splurge on YT, suddenly this song, which I love cuz it reminds me of the B&B tour which is also where I first heard it, was like, hmm. And I decided to use it for a vid to show how much I'm crushing on Stephanie, lmao. She's just too cuute!!

Any/all comments will be ADORED! *hugs for feedback* Thank you!

Recc'ed by: TheAkallabeth: "Awwwwwww, Simbi. I knew this would be a lovely little vid when you mentioned you were doing it. Beautiful, touching work as always. This type of vid is what you do best, for sure. :Ð" CrazyBecky5678: "This is too cute seriously! Your videos rock to the end! SimbiAni, you are seriously amazing!" SchooledDemon: "Your Lazytown music videos have such a unique quality, almost bittersweet. Nice job!" NestTheEchidna: "One of my favorite BSB songs with one of my favorite characters... <3 How can I not love it!? The song works just so well with Stephanie." TicTac2: "Fantastic video! Your videos are amazing, I love them." Inspiration0Agent: "This video is "prettyful"~ hey, you called it! ^_^ Yeah, it seriously is good. You're good at this." JuliannaMauriello91: "What can I say, that was 'beautiful'! It's great seeing so many clips of Juli. You did a really great job on the editing too; how the clips matched the words so well. Great job! I love your videos, SimbiAni! x" Saiya6CIT: "This is very well done. Too bad I don't like the song, but, you are talented, you do great stuff and you did something original. I love it. Keep it coming."

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