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*weee* hehehe

Ok, well a couple things
first off who likes romance novels? *hm hm* lol

well i'm gona start talk'n about them in here too if anyones interested
i love them, especially historical romances *hm* so addicting :P hehe

well anyway,
  Had a sweet two days spending time with my honey this wkend. Esp saturday, it was one of those days i look at and say *swoon* i'm so glad i had that day, it was amazing and i love that no one can take that wonderfulness of the day away - and i can just sit and glow bout it *giggles*

I was able to get someone to make me a color bar of me and my sweethear Josh - its in my info, the girls wicked nice and loves doing color bars too :) (you just have to click the bar to see her journal)

anyways, oh- i've also had a couple people make me really cool icons for josh and i :) *hehe* i have two in my pictures the rest i'll probably post in my thing and i'll post the link to show you guys- they look awesome :)

anyways- i'll be off now- finishing checking my email so i can go read the last chapter of my romance novel :P hehe

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